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Bhattarai in a sad dream of adversity (Bamdev Gautam PAGE 6, 1/19/2017)

Summary and translation by Uma Nepal
Dr. Bhattarai has recently written an online write up. In his online write up, whatever thought he has given in the name of being against to Oli, it has attacked to the freedom, sovereignty and unity of Nepal. None of the patriarchates can just sit looking at it.

Opposition of Nepali nationality in the name of opposition of Oli-ism

Since sometime now, to deplore the Nepali nationality, Dr. Bhattarai has created the rumor of it being as the “artificial nationality”. He should have known that the nationality which carries willingness for the salvation, freedom and dignity of any oppressed society is always progressive, no matter in whatever way it comes out. Prithvi Narayan Shah took Nepal in the process of being developed as a modern nation. Including him and his family along with different other nationalist personality like B.P. Koirala, Pushpalal, Madan Bhandari has given much devotion in order to establish today’s nation. “Mahendra nationality” is an undeniable fact and historical truth to establish Nepal as a nation in its form today. Probably, it is not the willingness of Dr. Bhattarai but his thoughts and behaviors seems to divide today’s Nepal and he is centered towards ending Nepal. Today, Oli’s thoughts and behaviors have come against and in a very strong way, opposing to such deadly and harmful thought of Bhattarai.

Incidental or co-incident

Bhattarai has said that they have only brought the concept of constitutional assembly and federalism in Nepal. This is totally untrue. The first person to bring the concept of constitutional assembly in Nepal is King Tribhuvan. The first person to bring the concept of federalism is Bhadrakali Mishra. But by variations, K.P. Sharma Oli became the person who played the major role in formulating the constitution of Nepal with federalism through the constitutional assembly. Baburam became the person who said that they did a mistake by signing in the constitution which was brought by this constitutional assembly, and also who also resigned from the post to prove this. This also happened when there was a notice that said that the India PM will not support this constitution of Nepal. For the prestige of Dr. Bhattarai, this has to be considered as co-incidental.

Good to know

It will be better for Dr. to know that Oli did not play the major role in formulating the constitution in order to complete your incomplete work of destroying the nation. All the efforts were being unsuccessful. If this constitution will also become unsuccessful, then the whole nation will be unsuccessful. When the nation will be unsuccessful, its existence will be ended. Not to let such unfortunate situation come, Oli took the responsibility of formulating the constitution which Bhattarai was ready to throw it in the cross roads.

After the resignation of Bhattarai was approved, he also supported the Indian blockade towards Nepal, went to NO MAN’S LAND to participate in the program of madhesi front. But, probably the protestors did not understood, they insulted Dr. Bhattarai and chased him away from there. Then, Dr. Bhattarai opened “Naya Shakti” party. It was neither NAYA nor SHAKTI. There was no way that the cinema actors would run the party. It was obvious to be unsuccessful. from its  Himalayan, hill and terai, geographic and socio-economic perspective are the basis of national unity of Nepal which cannot be dived at all. Bhattarai calls this thought as “Mahendra nationality”. All the people can be assured that, this nationality will unite all in such a way that it will never make anyone weak.

The narcissism of Dr. Bhattarai

They had to struggle a lot not to let Oli become the PM, which got all wasted. To make Oli Prime ministership unsuccessful, you kept requesting the south to keep continuining with the blockade. In answer to that, the Nepali citizen said, Oli ji, do not be weak, we are ready to survive eating one meal, but not ready to bow down”. Oli also denied for the India visit until the blockade was pulled over. Bhattarai said the strong stand of Oli as an artificial one. It is clear that Bhattarai’s true nationality is to bow and to surrender. This thought is not acceptable and tolerable to Nepali citizen. Oli has stood up as a safeguard for the freedom, sovereignty and geographical unity of Nepal. But, Bhattarai has to be careful that there are millions of nationalist behind Oli. Not just like that Oli has become such powerful. Without any doubt, Bhattarai, in his write up write has written that Nepal is a half the colony of India, so it is obvious for Indian government to intervene. But the fact shows that Nepal has never become the colony of any others, it was not also half the colony and now also it is not. He also says that this will continue to be so until we are developed economically, India will keep intervening, but he never protests against it. His theme is only one, that is surrender towards the intervene. Except Bhattarai, no other Nepali can have this kind of thoughts. It seems like Bhattarai has tried a lot to show Oli has someone who is against Janajati and madhesi. It shows that Baburam thinks that terai is a token of some madhesi leaders and the madhesi people as their serfs. Without any proof of Oli saying anything to Janajati and madhesi, this claim of Baburam is totally sponsored and biased. Baburam has to understand that as much the take of the UML has with the people living in hill, as equally is with the people living in terai. Bhattarai’s such baseless claim is nothing more than his narcissism. Oli also did a transport treaty with China government and broke the unanimous right in business and transport on India. Nepali citizen praised Oli for this as well. But, in the south, there was huge media protest against Oli. Today, Baburam is being the representative of the same protest and trying really hard to show that Oli is anti India and himself is a true India supporter. But, he should know that Oli was never against India, he is not at present and also in future, he will not be. His thoughts are clear that Indian government has to respect the freedom, sovereignty and unity of Nepal. In whatever way Baburam has to tried to insult the national freedom and sovereignty, in the name of going against Oli, he has just decreased his own prestige and increased Oli’s prestige, by doing so.  

Now, Prachanda’s government has proposed the constitution amendment legislator in the parliament which is against the national benefit. In this fight, Oli has become the center to protect the benefits of the nation. This is why, the ones who are against the benefit of the nation are attacking Oli, and, the leader in this is Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, who has blamed Oli to be racist. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai does not seem anyone to remain as Nepali. He is not ready to accept that the people of all the ethnicity have already become Nepali, because in his thought Nepal is not a Nepal nation. Oli is in center to protest against such devil advocacy of Bhattarai. This is why Bhattarai is attacking Oli by saying racist. There are various example of racism in Nepal like the first madhes revolution, Tikapur of Kailali’s case. In all those and many other examples Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has stood as the pillar of such racist, not Oli.

Baburam Bhattarai, who had also become the PM of the nation and who had also flown the blood of 17,000 Nepali citizen and the one who also prepared for the tunnel war against India, it is not a very suitable thing for him to try to insult the nationality of Nepal in such low and humbug way and also not very suitable for him to praise imperialist monopoly capitalism. Whatever Baburam has to do against the belief of UML, it is not but a disgusting example of his life. It is nothing than a dream of adversity of Baburam Bhattarai to think that UML can be finished/ended with a blame of being racist.


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