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Experts accuse political parties of dilly-dallying to hold polls

Concerned over the dilly-dallying to hold the periodic elections on time, experts have pointed out the need to exert pressure on the major political parties to ensure timely polls. Speaking at a discussion program on election laws and the future of the constitution in the capital on Sunday, they argued that none of the political parties appear serious to hold the polls even as this is a must to implement the new constitution. Presenting a paper in the discussion program, journalist Tilak Pathak argued that ruling parties have failed to announce the date for election as each of the major political party is concerned with its own prospect in the upcoming election. 

"The contradictory statements coming from senior leaders about election and the confusion that persists among the parties shows how parties are avoiding elections," he said.  While arguing that the main opposition party, CPN-UML, should stop obstructing parliamentary proceedings and the agitating Madhes-based parties should accept outcomes of the parliamentary proceedings in the amendment bill, Pathak pointed out the need to exert pressure on the political parties to hold the polls on time.  "Youths also have role to exert pressure on bringing reforms in legal and policy matters on election including the determination of ceiling of donation that a party can take from individuals and organizations. Youths should play a role to help stop costly election," he further said.

Speaking on the occasion, advocate Om Prakash Aryal said the lack integrity among people who are supposed to safeguard the constitution had created hindrances in strengthening democracy in Nepal. "Our leaders are solely concerned about their vested interests including their ambitions for power. We should also think of changing such characters to bring our democratic exercise back on track," he said. The program attended by over 40 youths from various professional backgrounds had concluded that their future course of action should be to exert pressure on political parties to bring reforms in electoral laws and hold the polls on time. They suggested organizing various kinds of campaign including those in social media and FM radios to make people aware about the importance of election and exert pressure on the political leadership to hold polls after settling constitutional grievances of disgruntled groups without further delay.



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